The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) is an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by DFID and awards over 800 scholarships and fellowships for postgraduate study and professional development in the UK to Commonwealth citizens each year. The CSC aims to contribute to the UK’s international development goals and wider overseas interests, support excellence in UK higher education, and sustain the principles of the Commonwealth. In our meeting with Kirsty Scott, the Senior Alumni Engagement Officer of the CSC in the UK, we asked her some of the frequent questions we get from our subscribers which she answered below:

Question: Are applications for the commonwealth shared scholarships open?

Answer: Applications for Shared Scholarships are still open and full information on these Scholarships and how to apply is available on the CSC webpages at Commonwealth Shared Scholarships

Question: Do I have to take an English test for the commonwealth scholarship?

Answer: Information about IELTS is given in the ‘terms and conditions’ document, which you can find on each of the Scholarships webpages. Applicants should read this information in advance.

Question: Do I need to have an additional professional qualification when applying for commonwealth scholarships?

Answer: The selection criteria for Scholarships is available on each of the Scholarships webpages.

In general Kirsty advises that candidates should read through the CSC site in good detail as a considerable amount of information about the scholarship application process, selection criteria as well as the terms and conditions of the various scholarship schemes are well documented on the CSC site. She would also encourage candidates to read news about the CSC on the CSC site and get to understand the purpose of the CSC scholarships and fellowships.

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